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DLSR Camera???

I have always considered myself a closet professional photographer. Since the beginning I have always carried a camera pretty much every where I went, even if it was a disposable 35mm. I’d be there to save the day and capture that perfect Kodak moment.

Eventually I moved on the point-and-shoot’s. The versatility of digital point-and-shoot’s were great. If you messed up a shot you could just keep taking more and more shots of the same scene and not have to worry about using up the film. The Canon Power Shot series really did serve me well. Unfortunately point-and-shoot’s still don’t cut it. Some aspect of the picture would always be sub-par. The picture just wouldn’t be clear, sharp, or focused enough.

The time finally came… it was time to upgrade. I was now beginning to produce different programs and websites were details mattered. I needed to be able to produce my own pictures not only for copyright reasons but also for quality. Some projects would have specific resolution standards, like an android app does for all the different devices it supports. I was torn between a Nikon D3200 vs a Canon Rebel T3i. They were both so similar, but after working with a Rebel on a class project my mind was made up… or so I thought.

Something kept bothering me about my decision. As much as I like to have the best equipment possible, my biggest motive for any device is comfort and practicality.

Olympus E-PL5

Olympus E-PL5

A traditional DLSR would be too bulky to take out to social events. Also the picture size would be out of control for the type of projects I create. I needed something less than a DLSR but more than a point-and-shoot.

Enter the Olympus E-PL5!