I had the honor of volunteering Georgia Tech’s HackGT5 on October 19 – 21. All I can say is Wow! This event has grown and grown throughout the years. I am always astonished as to all the different participants who are eager to participate in the event.

Buses were sent out throughout the southeast to different colleges, where anyone who is willing to code for 36 hours is welcome to board. Students came bringing their favorite blankeys and pillows ready to forge through the night.

The most impressive part of the hack-a-thon is the vast resources provided by HackGT. They built a RFID system to keep track of candidates visiting sponsor tables in order to provide quantitative data to those sponsors. They had a hardware lending table to lend out hardware such as VR-goggles and Alienware desktops. HackGT partnered with MLH, Major League Hacking, to provide even more hardware. Different web apps where available for participants to get the information they may need. Additionally there was a Slack channel for the event.

The event was divided into 4 major subjects Web Development, App Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. There where GaTech mentors present and available to throw ideas around finding problems to solve and how to solve those problems. The sponsors got into it as well by holding brainstorming hours at their kiosks.

All hacking stopped at 9 am on Sunday OCT 21 and the winners where promptly announced. This left the afternoon for breakdown and some satisfaction dinners all around.

HackGT conduct several events throughout the year. To become a volunteer or a sponsor go to https://hack.gt/


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