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What programming language should you learn first?

Javascript! Javacript! Javascript! You can really choose anything but if you are on the fence then let me just choose for you. I fought the choice for a long time and the lingering decision held back my learning. Instead of just jumping in and learning something. I will detail why this is a great language to start with.

  1. Simplicity. This programming language can be as easy as you’d like or as complex as you need it to be. It all depends on your use and depth. Keep it easy and make simple one page dashboards or get in there and use it to manipulate the DOM.
  2. It’s everywhere. Javascript can now be found throughout the entire stack. It is becoming a more prevalent choice for all kinds of projects. Most frameworks end up using Javascript for a lot of their front-end components like Rails, Django, or Laravel.
  3. Flexibility. Javascript has a lot of support from its community. There are packages for many uses like graphs, encryption, and Typescript.
  4. Why Not. Yes, why not. It is the base for Chrome, the most popular browser for some time now

Stop trying to decide and just code already.